The ingredients are remarkably like those of the scone mixture, but the mixture is much wetter.


Put a thick frying pan or griddle over a low heat and let it warm up.

In a large bowl, whisk an egg, add two-thirds of a pint of buttermilk and whisk some more. If you haven’t got buttermilk, use sour milk or milk soured with a bit of lemon juice.

Add 10 oz (2 and a half cups) of soda bread flour (or self-raising/plain flour and a pinch of baking soda) and 2 handfulls of sugar, and whisk or beat to a smooth consistency. It should just about pour.

Lightly smear butter onto the hot pan or griddle, spoon on blobs of batter to the desired size, and flip them over when they begin to bubble on the surface. Take them off after about a minute as the other side cooks quickly.

Test the first batch for taste, as you can alter the cooking time, seasoning (if you like salt) and size as you go along.

Bear in mind that the surface will cool a bit as you cook, so you might have to vary the cooking times as you go along.

Enjoy warm with sugar and lemon, butter, jam and/or cream.