There are plenty of recipes about, but this is a nice moist and fruity cake with which we have had consistent results.


For my money, the real power of the elder is in the flower, as it can impart the most incredible flavour to wines, drinks and jams.

Fruit Jelly

This description covers apple jelly, but the principle is the same for a whole range of fruit.


This is simplicity itself and great for starting out.


There are hundreds of recipes out there, but I have distilled it down to the one I reckon works best for me.


The ingredients for pancakes are remarkably like those of the scone mixture, but the mixture is much wetter

Potato Bread

Otherwise known as “Fadge”, “Thins”, “Tatey bread” or the variant “Purd-oaten”, these are all made using potatoes and flour – very simple.


Delicious with butter, jam and cream, in any combination you choose

Sloe Gin

Sloes are at their best during October to mid-November, especially after a frost.

Soda Bread

Soda Bread is quintessentially Irish and Scottish and particularly characteristic of the northern part of Ireland.